Job Opportunities

We would like to stress that it is not advisable to come to Germany for university studies if you do not have a secure source of funding. The job market conditions in Germany make it also difficult for students to find jobs. Apart from that you will not have too much time to spare during the semester as our modularised course structure will require your full attention.


Overseas students from countries that are not part of the EU or EEA must not work for more than three months a year (90 days full time or 180 days part time) without a work permit. It is very difficult for students to obtain a work permit.

Exceptions are made for students who work as research assistants at the university. In this case students are allowed to work for more than three months a year during the studies. The work department checks up on this and it must be authorised by the foreigners department.

Student research assistants are paid 8 € an hour. Students must not work for more than 83 hours per month.

Students from EU or EEA countries
(Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Switzerland do not need a work permit and there is no limitation to the amount of hours they work. If working as a student research assistant they must not work for more than 83 hours a month either.