Climate change, finite resource availability, and environmental pollution are some of the greatest issues facing our society now and in the future. Renewable energy resources can be a key solution to these problems, and the development, planning, installation, and operation of renewable energy technologies needs a highly skilled work force.


The aim of the M.Sc. REM programme is to provide international students with first-class training in the field of “Renewable Energy Engineering and Management.” The M.Sc. REM programme is designed to close the strategic gap between the technical aspects of renewable energy and the policy drivers for sustainable development. In this way, students will not only learn about technical and operational details, but also about the policy context, market mechanisms, and business models for renewable energy technologies and installations.


The programme coursework is designed to match the qualifications required for the potential international employment market in the field of renewable energy engineering and management. Bachelor’s degree holders from Engineering, Natural Science, and Social Sciences can all expand their capacity for technology and systems understanding, as well as critical thinking and pivotal management skills. Additionally, two specialisation fields are available, and each student needs to choose one: Energy Systems Technology (EST) or Renewable Energy Planning and Management (REPM). A third cross-sectional specialisation area called Energy Conversion (EC) is also available for all students. Graduates from the EST programme track will be able to contribute to the development of renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics or solar thermal energy conversion. Graduates from the REPM programme track will be able to plan renewable energy projects and facilities while taking into account economic, political, and societal concerns. The curriculum is designed for unique career prospects in the fields of planning, engineering, consultancy, and investment related to renewable energy technologies and installations.


Applications for winter term 2022: 15th March - 15th May 2022


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