The concept of the M.Sc. course “Renewable Energy Engineering and Management” is based on the following fundamental considerations:

  • The course enables students to avail themselves of innovation in the field of renewable energy and to implement the concept of sustainable development for practical business purposes.
  • Technical know-how and an awareness of societal problems are necessary qualifications, but are not of themselves sufficient. Additional management qualifications are required. These include technical knowledge, multidisciplinary ability in terms of team development, presentation and project management.
  • The degree course is practical and problem-focused (projects, case studies, internship, a Master’s thesis on practical and relevant themes carried out in cooperation with industrial partners).


We recommend to have a look at our Online Self Assessment to find out if the course suits your needs:


For detailed information about the courses and the schedule please take a look at the module handbook (see "Inside REM - Important Documents").