Career Prospects

Renewable energy sources will be without doubt one of the greatest issues facing our society in the future. The innovative REM course is designed to meet the concrete specifications found in the “Situations Vacant” columns and the requirements profile identified by contacting selected companies and other institutions from trade and industry in general, and from the renewable energy sector in particular. An analysis of the potential employment market also shows that this is a market offering substantial career opportunities.

On completing this course, graduates will have acquired extensive technological know-how, combined with excellent practical management skills and will thus be well prepared for careers and future employment and careers in a variety of fields:


  • Renewable energy companies
  • Power supply companies
  • Financing and Investment companies specialising in financing environmental projects, as well as investment and development banks
  • Planning and Engineering companies
  • Consultancy and information services (energy agencies, technology transfer institutions) and public relations
  • Project Management.