Aims and Target Group

Our aim is to provide international students with a context sensitive first-class training in the field of “Renewable Energy Engineering and Management”.

Students on the Master of Science (M.Sc.) course will acquire the knowledge, methods and skills necessary for “Renewable Energy Engineering and Management”. Coursework will focus on

- Technological principles

- Climate and energy policy

- Environmental economics and environmental management

- Principles of the social, behavioural and legal sciences

- Ethics

- Specialization in the field of energy systems technology or renewable environmental management and planning.

Students completing the course will have the ability to plan projects and facilities for the utilisation of renewable energy, and to implement them while taking account of economic, political and societal concerns. They will have the capacity to initiate, implement and evaluate the necessary negotiation and decision-making processes in a contextually sensitive way, i.e. in respect of both structure and culture.